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爱上两个我 (Fall in love with me)
♥ Sunday, May 18, 2014 Instagram | 0H FEEL MY VIBES.
Have nothing to do on weekends ? Drama is the best to spent your boring time at home ! Recently been watching this drama 爱上两个我 .

Have you watch the latest 爱上两个我 drama ? Acted by Aaron Yan 炎亚纶 and Tia  李毓芬 ! It was definitely a nice drama to watch ! And it's ongoing !  炎亚纶 is so charming and cute at the same time as he has to act two "characters" watch it and you will know what i mean.

"Which of me do you prefer? "

Here's the preview of the show , because i'm not spoiling the rest of the episode . ( I'm so kind , ahahahah ) Okay , so when i started this show , i watched non-stop , literally , on my bed , on my sofa watching this show for straight 7 hours . The show is simply too addictive and i could not stop watching it , and now , waiting for new episode is so agonizing ! (insert sad face) Only those people who loves watching show could understand waiting for an episode to come out , that excitement , looking forward !

And not to forget the ost of this show , FEAT G.NA . Didn't know G.NA could sing Chinese , almost could not recognise her singing this song at first . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltq2zWS4KKo&index=2&list=RDlEtKkPD-pGM do check out for this catchy song ! Their voice are awesome too !

Totally love Aaron Yan , okay do you ? *Fan Girling here* Lmao. Waiting for episode 7 to come out today , yay ! Just can't wait to see the drama progresses !

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Emergency Couple Fan meet
♥ Friday, May 16, 2014 Instagram | 0H FEEL MY VIBES.
Hey peeps ! It's been long since i blog again , but i'm back suddenly , don't know for what reason but just feel like blogging . Anyways , throwing back to thursday , i went to novena square 2 , you know for what?

Yes ! For Song Jihyo and Choi Jinhyuk ! They had a mini fan meet there and there was lots of people attending it ! It was crowded and the atmosphere was pretty good except the squeezing part inside the barriers with people that makes me sweat while waiting for them. It took them for an hour late to come , however , i was super happy that it's worth the wait. Thanks the speaker on stage that entertained us by playing games , while we wait for them!

Oh the prize was the goodie bags , not sure how it looks like but i really hope to win it by answering the quiz , but i couldn't since center spot was very crowded and if we just move out , there won't be space left anymore for us.

When they arrive at the place , i saw that Jihyo's expression was shocked , by the number of fans there waiting for them . *Fan girling here! * Took many pictures and videos , tried my best to zoom , people were pushing and overly-excited ! You can view them at my instagram @ http://instagram.com/v_ampirekiss . Jihyo was very pretty and friendly towards the fans , she did the action "heart shape" to the fans , and we literally scream pretty loud.

Jinhyuk was handsome , i really want to hear him sing , but i didn't went for the friday fan meet at kallang theater , so i missed it . However , i'm glad that he's first visit to SG was pleasant and hope they had fun today during the fan meet!

I'm overjoyed that i don't mind eating my dinner at 11pm , which was quite ridiculous , but hey , anything for jihyo right? haha! Ofcourse , not to forget , my friend that went there with me , to help me took some pictures because i'm abit too short , whoops.

I hope that they will come back to SG soon . Or maybe with Running man once again , i look forward to the day it will come!

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